The battery tester DS-200 uses the most advanced conductance testing technology, is a fast tool, accurate and secure for battery testing, testing starter and charging system. DS-200 can quickly find the battery problem and improve diagnosis, thus reducing the maintenance process.

The DS-200 combines conductance testing technology with a built to provide fast and accurate status of the batteries used in all cars and trucks results printer.

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  • Key Features: Check the battery cold start test and load test
  • Additional features : See test results, Print results of testing, voltmeter, ammeter, thermometer and temperature compensation, change the unit of measurement Thermometer, QC Mode, Settings enrolls introduction vehicle, etc ...
  • Immediate detection of discharged batteries or spoiled
  • It does not generate heat or sparks or any harm to the user.
  • The tests do not damage the battery, and can be repeated over and over again without causing damage.
  • You can print test results through integrated printer.
  • The tests are accurate, fast and easy
  • Large LCD
  • Voltage range: 1.0-30 VDC
  • Current Rating: 0-900A DC / AC
  • Temperature range: -18 ° C - + 70 ° C