Like opening a workshop

Repairers of motor vehicles and their equipment and components classified as:

1. Because of its relationship with manufacturers of vehicles and equipment and components:

  1. Generic, or independent repairers : Those who are not tied to any brand or special treatment involving responsibility accredited by it.
  2. Official workshops brand . Those companies linked to motor vehicle manufacturers or equipment or components, domestic or foreign, in the terms established by written agreement.

2. For your industry:

  1. Mechanical : repair or replacement work in the mechanical system of the vehicle, including its supporting structures and equipment and auxiliary elements except electrical equipment.
  2. Electricity : Repair work or replacement automotive electrical equipment, both engine basic equipment such as auxiliary lighting, signage, packaging and display and control instrumentation.
  3. Bodywork : repair or replacement work in non-bearing body components, saddlery and interior and exterior design of the same.
  4. Paint : painting, coating and automotive refinishing.

3. Motorcycles : Repair work or replacement in vehicles two or three-wheel motor or the like.

4. For its specialty : According to the work activities limited to repair or replacement of certain equipment or systems of the vehicle.

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For this type of activity you need, most likely, 3 projects:

  1. Work Project.
  2. Project Activity.
  3. Electric project.

These projects should draft a qualified technician. Given the nature of the activity, which is industrial, it would be best to use an industrial engineer.

As for the procedures, depending on each municipality and autonomous region, they are classified and treated in different ways, while maintaining a common base.

What municipality you want to set up the business?

The first are the works , and defining how it will be your activity. Failure to do work, but riding equipment would not need the construction project, but we must also make a municipal process.

The next step is define the electrical installation . This facility is very important in your business, because a workshop is an explosive environment and must take into account specific points of electrotechnical regulations.

In addition, are crucial compressed air installations , especially by the compressor to legalize. Depending on the power to legalize the demands are different.

Finally, all made and processed through guild or nearby industry workshops, takes place on industrial registration with what you will board workshop.

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