Inverter Welding machine wire MIG-MAG / FLUX / BRAZING, microprocessor controlled. The flexibility of use and different welded materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) and welded bronze and silver (galvanized sheets) confirm Technomig Dual Synergic as an optimal solution in a variety of application fields, from maintenance to installation until interventions autobody shops.

SYNERGETIC rapid regulation of welding parameters thanks to the SYNERGY ONE TOUCH LCD technology becomes very simple to use product. Inteligentey automatic arc control, instant by instant, maintain high welding performance in all working conditions, materials and / or different gases. It is also possible to manually intervene in the arc length: this regulation will allow modify the shape of the weld bead style depending welder. The ONE TOUCH LCD graphic display allows a better reading of all welding parameters. Low weight and maximum compactness also easy transportability aseguranuna all intervention sites, both indoors and outdoors.

CharacteristicsData sheet
  • Change polarity for welding GAS MIG-MAG / BRAZING
  • 17 synergic curves prepared * display LCD display voltage, welding current, wire speed
  • Regulations: ramp up wire, electronic ballast, end time burned the thread (burn-back), post gas
  • Select operation 2/4 times, spot
  • Protection thermostatic, over-voltage, low-voltage, over-current, power generator (+/- 15%).
  • Ready for use for welding NO GAS / Flux, transformable in MIG-MAG with optional kit.