Spot welder Inver Spotter 12000


Welding machine resistance (spot welder) technology inverter continuously to mediafrecuencia Corrente (MFDC), microprocessor controlled clamp water cooled, suitable for applications in body and in industrial environment . Ensures optimal results also in steels with high yield strength (HSS) and galvanized sheets. The multifunction digital panel allows simple automatic regulation of spot welding parameters depending on the chosen tool, the type of material and thickness of the sheet.

CharacteristicsData sheet
  • 192 standard welding programs and 240 points customizable.
  • Automatic recognition of the introduced tool.
  • Monitor voltage network.
  • Control cooling machine, clamp and cables.
  • Regulation of time compression ramp, welding, maintenance.
  • pressed regulations (number and interval between pulses).
  • Equipped with water-cooled pneumatic clamp, water cooling equipment, trolley and balancer.
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