Aspects to consider when choosing TIG welding

The best TIG machine will allow the widest range of amps at the lowest cost is greater Ccuanto amperes range that allows the machine, the greater the variety of possible materials and thicknesses of welding.

It is important to consider that the system of the torch is simple and rapid change.

The stability of the welding arc below 10 amps, is another parameter to consider when choosing the TIG machine model.

TIG welding machines with technologies that favor stability should be preferred.

Welding other materials beyond or stainless steel, TIG machine must provide options both DC (direct current) and AC (alternating current)

The temperature control is another critical factor in TIG welding.

NOT choose only for the price, this may affect higher costs in the medium term. The best alternative is to choose by performance depending on the specific tasks envisaged.



High quality welds Lower rates of deposition
Welding a wide range of metals It requires a high level of skill of the operator
It does not produce spatter or slag welding It emits a higher level of UV rays
Allows welding in all positions It requires a good eye and a steady hand to achieve adequate levels of quality
It allows controlled penetration weld a wide range of thicknesses including those very fine The teams are usually more expensive and sophisticated
High quality welds Lower rates of deposition

Welding machine TIG Superior 421
Welding machine TIG Superior 421
  • Adjustable Arc: 10-350 A
  • Adjustable Power: 0-8 / 8 to 14 kW
  • Electrode: 1.6 to 6 mm
  • Power: 400V 3PH
Welding machine Force Tig 170
Welding machine Force Tig 170
  • Adjustable Arc: 10-150 A
  • Power: 4.1 kW
  • Electrode: 1.6 to 4 mm
  • Power supply: 230V 1PH
Welding machine Technology TIG 230
Welding machine Technology TIG 230
  • Adjustable Arc: 5-220 A
  • Adjustable Power: 0 to 3.6 / 3.6-5.5 kW
  • Electrode: 1.6 to 3 mm
  • Power supply: 230V 1PH
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